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October 21, 2020

COVID-19 and the Growing Demand for Freelance Work

freelance work

Businesses contracted because of lockdowns and workers have to stranded at places due to the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Leading to record layoffs and cuts to planned expansions. It’s difficult to measure but it is estimated that about 400 million jobs were lost worldwide during the second quarter of 2020 due to COVID-19 for instance.

However, despite this employment outlook, there's a consolation for those willing to seize the prospect. But as full-time staff positions are difficult at this time, contract and freelance work are basically memorizing steam.

This includes all kinds of roles from software development to web designing to creativity and video. Even consultancy associated with anything on work.

Companies View around this pandemic

If companies pay just for vital tasks as they’re needed. And are able to select from a wider range of geographically dispersed workers. They're visiting to manage the underside line. The key to survival within the workplace is to adapt. Whether you were already moving toward a more independent working situation or shifting because of job loss due to COVID-19. It’s in your best interest to contemplate your options.

Freelancers are on the increase so is freelance work. According to a report, published in 2011, quite 40 percent of the U.S. workforce would-be freelancers, contractors, and temp workers by 2020. Businesses that already were gradually moving toward a leaner workforce have accelerated their efforts thanks to necessity. Companies that might be proof against remote work or using contractors on a project-by-project basis discovered that their workers were as effective functioning from home. As they were within the office, give or take some diaper changes or other home-related tasks during the quarantine.

However, 73 percent of hiring managers surveyed during a recent report by a freelancing platform, increasing their hiring of independence. Project-based freelance workers and roughly half say that COVID-19 has made them more likely to use freelancers normally.

Here’re some trends on why a contract service model is predicted to continue beyond this covid situation.

Specialization Online platforms like VYSMO give opportunities to everyone to supply their services for businesses. It’s easier for businesses to appear to the proper person for a specific job or a project or maybe a micro job.

Cost Savings can help when they’re not paying for long-term employment (including benefits and payroll taxes). Even office space, companies can save a lot of cash by specializing in project-specific, short-term hires.

Successful freelancers are agile by definition, especially if they simultaneously work for multiple clients or tackle short-term roles with limited ramp-up times. They'll be better at getting started and turning on a dime than in-house employees, although businesses also must value the institutional knowledge and expertise that comes with long-term employment.

For instance, If you’re a freelancer or want to do freelance work, then you recognize how important it's to constantly prove your worth to short-term clients.

Employees are additionally able to skate by here and there, but if you’re always hustling for more projects or new clients, you don’t have that luxury.

Companies can show pride during this extra effort - however, high performers within your company are valuable assets.

Instead of pitching for brand fresh hires within a 20 or 30-mile radius, using freelance workers means companies have a potentially global reach. By fielding candidates from virtually anywhere, they do not seem to be limited by geography.

Of course, this might additionally present certain challenges, like cultural barriers or drastic zone differences.

What is the high demand for Freelance skills available?

The types of labor which are prepared to be performed by freelancers, contractors, and independent consultants are a type of limitless—whether it’s done remotely or within the office—although it’s more practical for freelancers juggling multiple clients to figure from home. But since the COVID-19 crisis has closed most offices, many organizations are just starting off to grasp what’s possible going forward.

Professionals working as freelancers or visiting make that leap, meanwhile, should examine their skills and knowledge and consider upskilling through distance learning platforms. The freelance skills and roles will likely be in high demand because the worldwide pandemic plays out. Mobile and App Development Companies across all sectors should refine their mobile reach if they hope to compete.

Many of those initiatives, like building apps and optimizing websites for mobile users, could even be done as short-term projects. Specific skills needed include Java, C++, and Python.

You’re probably aware of Bitcoin, but the blockchain is about far more than simply cryptocurrency. Companies are harnessing this technology for supply chain management, secure business-to-business transactions, and other applications that need greater security and accountability. Specific skills needed include Node.js and JavaScript.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity - As long as there are bad actors trying to hack into networks, scam people, unleash malware, or cause any other type of harm. There'll be a powerful demand for cybersecurity professionals. There’s already a dire shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals, so this may be a solid field within which to specialize.

Data Science- The growing field of information science is taking nearly all industries by storm, helping businesses make smarter, data-driven decisions that impact the underside line and drive growth. Data scientists prepare data for analysis, visualize the knowledge to convey its conclusions, and communicate to decision-makers. This might be often an honest field for freelance workers with strong mathematical and analytics skills.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning feature is an excellent field where you can learn. Specific skills needed include TensorFlow, ApacheSpark, and Keras.

Other tech skills and roles often sought out by companies on a contract or freelance work basis include

web design and development;

  • program optimization (SEO) and
  • content marketing; game designers;
  • statistical analysis; graphic design;
  • augmented reality; and
  • various different kinds of software development.


Adapt Your Skills and Seize Freelance Work Opportunities. Let’s not lose sight of the actual fact that markets are in turmoil and families are struggling to make ends meet. Many individuals became ill around the globe.

It’s a difficult time for everyone. Upskilling is a wonderful way for businesses to undertake to do more with a downsized staff.

October 21, 2020

Why would you make your website on WordPress?

September 28, 2020

5 Highest Paying Jobs for Freelance in 2020

Top Freelance Jobs


5 Highest paying freelancing jobs in 2020

SEP 5, 2020

Understanding of high demand freelance jobs is critical for the success of freelancers specially in 2020 and 2021.

Over past 4 months, while marketplace was being created, I would’ve talked to more people than I usually do. Most of them were freelancers or small business owners. Intent of my discussion was to understand how can we help to revive businesses faster and In addition what are the highest paying jobs for freelance in 2020. There’re some important insights that came up and I thought I would share. Before I start, let me upfront state a important realisation talking to “TOP” freelancers. Successful people are not gifted, they just work hard and then succeed on purpose.

Here’re some insights on the highest paying freelancing jobs research we did at VYSMO

55% of small business owners were looking for new ways of working. Most of them were looking for online work.

82% of small business owners had a negative business impact to SMB business. This was due to pandemic and all of them had a sense of urgency to recover.

89% of Freelancers in the VYSMO Freelance Community ( said they make more money as a freelancer than the job they were doing. It was important for them to focus on the highest paying freelancing jobs at that time.

3 Top Challenges of a freelancer were –

1. Customer Acquisition ,

2. Payment followups and

3. Working in isolation.

( Thankfully at we help resolve all 3)

5% were new who started freelancing recently and needed suggestions on how to position themselves as the right professional. They had multiple skills or could further develop.

36% were not satisfied with the returns they get in specific roles where there’s high competition.

This was more specific for quick micro-jobs in graphics – photo editing, illustration, logo designing etc. It was important to understand the highest paying freelance jobs in 2020.

Best Countries to hire freelancers : India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Philippines where professional freelancers are available at relatively low cost.

Focus of this Blog

Many of these insights need a separate post to get deeper into challenges and solutions, however for this post I'll stay with the focus on one topic.“What are the best selling jobs for freelancers in 2020” and what should small businesses prioritise for outsourcing ?

Being a small agency owner or a freelancer, there’s definitely no better time than now!

Accepting the new normal way of working and the advent of the ‘gig economy’, work from home and working in isolation to deliver desired results, everyone has virtually become a freelancer.

Many work independently as a full time freelancer focusing on highest paying freelancing work. Many take time out from their employment and make extra money to earn more and/or follow their passion.

There are plenty of opportunities and good money that is waiting for talented and committed professionals who are willing to accept freelance projects.

Today you can pick and choose projects of their choice, and do away with long tiring commutes. Companies that hire freelancers are generally more efficient in overall operating cost management.

The Job Market

The job market is vast and there are plenty of skills that are in heavy demand. Freelancers with expertise and knowledge will always be picked up for the best jobs in town.

To help you understand the market better and help you grab the highest paying freelance jobs available, I’ve listed these lucrative options and will drill deeper in future posts.

5 Highest Paying Freelance Jobs In 2020 , and the most important jobs for SMBs to outsource :

1. Digital Marketing freelance work

In the current situation if your business is not yet online, you’re inhibiting growth. Freelance digital marketers can help a brand reach a larger target audience by using a combined approach of social media marketing, search engine optimisation, and email marketing. Agencies hire freelancers so why cant you ? Almost every business whether small or large, product or services needs a deeper connection with online audiences. This is one of the highest paying freelance job and freelancers can command high prices depending on their skill and experience.

2. Programming and Software Development freelance work:

Another high paying freelance job is programming. Its difficult to find technically advanced and skilled coders to fulfil the amazing opportunity in the market. Freelancers need to be really good at programming languages and have rock-solid knowledge about fields such as WebGL and iOS. Armed with the requisite knowledge and qualifications, software development can help freelancers pile up on tons of money. You can charge appropriately for projects.

3. Web Development freelance work:

This high demand skill has ‘low entry barriers’. If you’re looking for a Freelancer job without investment , this could be a great skill to learn. This does not require any kind of specialist tools. Many projects require ‘full-stack developers’, however the larger majority of jobs are much simpler. Most web development freelancers get projects that require them to modify or install WordPress or create portfolio sites using markup languages HTML and CSS.

Freelancers could earn either by the hour or an entire project fee. Even though the web design and development industry is quite crowded in the moment. If you can carve a niche identity, you can grab the best freelance jobs and make it a lucrative career option.

4. Content Writing and Translation freelance work

Huge explosion is happening in this segment with the need to create content for digital marketing and the need for companies to go global. This is one of the Best Part Time Job for freelancers. Anyone with a command over languages, creative mindset, and good grammar can get into the content writing field. Ghost writing, Corporate blogs, publishing articles or white papers, SEO, ad content, press releases are some examples.

4.a Translation

Any individual who is multilingual and has command over two or more languages can take high-paying translation work projects. As a translator, the job requires you to convert written or audio text from one language to another. You could set up multiple Job cards at to open up this opportunity for you and earn more. Best part is you could deliver the job from any remote location, anytime and VYSMO can take care of the rest.

5. Video Editing freelance work

Video as a medium has grown drastically due to internet content explosion. A good video can make a lot of impact on a brand’s reputation; hence there is a lot of work for skilled video editors.

Tools such as adobe primere , after effects, filmora and many other apps have made it easy to find content and edit . One could find a niche in the editing space and create multiple jobs at to purchase.

Example- if you’re good at new product introduction videos, your Job could sound like this. “ I could create a introduction video for your new product”.

Once you start getting orders on, a lot of royalty free content like stock images/videos and music could be reused and you could deliver the jobs faster making you earn more.In a nutshell

In a nutshell :

One of the biggest myths regarding freelancing is that it’s not serious work and doesn’t pay well. Well, that’s busted for sure. If you are committed to your field and are excellent in your work, visit and become a seller.

Setup your Job cards and start earning today. Online jobs for freelancers is a great opportunity to Earn more.

Get in touch with me at for any thoughts or queries.

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Puneet Chadha


September 21, 2020

Is your business recession free ?

Small and Medium Business

Is Your Business Recession Free ?

Tips For Good Business Management

You didn’t come this far to only come this far

SEP 21, 2020

Good business management measures can make your business recession proof. Market contraction and expansions can happen anytime and we all well understand 2020. Does your business have what it takes to face the storm ?

VYSMO works with customers in many countries. I’ve been asking as the founder of a startup during interesting times on what it takes to build a business that shows continued growth. Having interactions with smart business owners, I realised that I needed to take many steps to adjust to pandemic’s recession.

This is not a situation of investing in the right assets at the right time hoping one day you could dilute these to recover losses. There’re many things you need to take into account.

1. Review your Organisation structure

As business grew for VYSMO in the first few months, I was yearning to build a bigger team and I did hire the smartest dudes in town to further expand. However being close to freelancers as a team, we soon realised the importance of outsourcing jobs to professionals.

Building a team which is more strategic and growth oriented and putting emphasis behind the 1 key driver for our growth – customer satisfaction. We built our marketplace algorithms with 1 single measure – customer satisfaction and the key element behind that was Trust. This is key to the foundation of good business management practice.

A freelancer on would make a lot of money if his customers are satisfied and would struggle due to lack of customer orientation.

2. Put the right investment in technology

Strategic algorithms and adaptive technology are critical. 2020 has taught us to connect efficiently with tools remotely. The amount of webinars, emails , social media messages have drastically increased. One realises the power of data- Good valid customer data today well connected to CRM systems.

Even for a small fashion store or a restaurant – if you don’t have a communication system to make promotions or get orders online – you’re virtually closed during such times. This is not good business management.

Before an actual need arises, think about ways you can use technology to streamline your business. Maybe there's a tool you could use to complete your projects for a lower cost or with less labor.It depends on your business and your service or product. Regardless, though, now is the time to invest in technology that gets your work done.

3. Business Development is critical in market contraction

When business is strong, many organisations ease off their futuristic business management and development plans setting themselves for failure. The same happens during a high market contraction. This is really the time to be strategic , connect with people, brainstorm and rebuild.

In Geoffrey Moore’s book Crossing the chasm, he interestingly states that organisations that invest in marketing in a tough economic situation, tend to come out as winners. The problem is that most organisations wait until their business performance is low before they try to find ideas to help the business. Instead, a plan needs to be created beforehand.

4. Refurbish your offers :

Have something that’s Next Gen Innovate ! an interesting thought from Geoffrey again : Sustaining innovations exists when the current business model is invested in keeping the innovation going. Whats important is disruptive innovation. It may not be disruptive to the world (since someone else in the world has developed a product in this way), but it is disruptive from the viewpoint of a business owner because they've never worked like this in the past. Businesses need to have something in their offer that's next generation for better business management. Some part of their offering should be new. Maybe it's putting the offering online for the very first time in your industry, or putting the offering on customers' mobile phones before anyone else. Do something to make the offering novel.

5. Stay in Continuous Contact

For most businesses, 80% of your profits come from 20% of customers. If you haven’t yet done – Analyse and know your top customers – PERSONALLY. Your marketing and advertising shouldn't focus on reaching out to new customers alone.Keep your business on their minds. You need marketing strategies that continuously nurture your relationship with your customers.Invest in a email marketing tool – for small businesses many tools are free for a few 100 emails a month. Integrate the tool to your website/subscribers.A common option, sending newsletters and e-blasts to your subscriber list on a regular basis. In some cases, direct mail is a successful choice too.Get in touch with a freelancer for email marketing who could do this in a professional way.


When business is strong, many organisations ease off their futuristic business management and development plans setting themselves for failure. The same happens during a high market contraction. This is really the time to be strategic , connect with people, brainstorm and rebuild.

In Geoffrey Moore’s book Crossing the chasm, he interestingly states that organisations that invest in marketing in a tough economic situation, tend to come out as winners. The problem is that most organisations wait until their business performance is low before they try to find ideas to help the business. Instead, a plan needs to be created beforehand.

One of the most stupid mistakes organisations make is to cut your marketing budget when you're in a recession. A downturn is a time when your marketing is most important because you need to bring in new business. Needless to say situations may arise that the marketing budget is reduced. To do this correctly, you should revisit past trends and performance. Cut campaigns which have not helped in the past is a good business management practice.

7. Keep a Running List of Expansion Ideas

Nobody can underestimate the need for having a immediate starting point for a fresh idea. We all know how many garment/fashion businesses shifted to the idea of making masks, chemical and pharma businesses manufactured sanitisers and stands during covid. Its difficult to predict future but the more ideas you have ready, the better. Start keeping an ongoing list of ways your business could adjust to the needs your customers have during a recession to have a starting point.

8. Build Up Your Credit

Make it easy to get an affordable loan in future. Nobody wants to lose control of business by borrowing money but to scale, you never know when you’re in need and the last thing you want is to reach the point of needing a loan, only to find that your credit is too low to get one.

9. Break your Jobs to micro jobs

Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together. To solve complex problems , best way is to simulate with a smaller substitute. Brittanica was the leading encyclopaedia and Jimmy wells came and disrupted it with Wikipedia – just by asking people to contribute something about a specific topic and they could write a few words free. When jobs become simpler, they’re easy to quality control, integrate and outsource. Eventually bring a few of them together and innovate to create new ways to amaze your customers. This is good business management practice.

Send me your thoughts and call me in case you need any of us at to help your business grow fast. We’ll be glad to help you connect to the right professionals if need be. Write to us at .

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Puneet Chadha


September 21, 2020