About Us

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VYSMO – Helping Define the new normal

Our story starts along with the biggest threat to our century, the COVID-19 pandemic. This year 2020, made every working individual concerned about their future – with companies laying off workforce, global economic slowdown and the lack of working opportunities. Small and Medium Businesses face tremendous pressure to recover fast. We aim to offer freelance work from home to the people.

However there’s never a bright rainbow where there isn’t heavy rain.

Amidst this chaos came into being the making of VYSMO, introducing talented freelancers to businesses and those in need. As they say behind every successful man is a woman, behind VYSMO there were 6. Six talented women of all ages who found the businesswoman in them on this platform. By getting together as one team and working closely with freelancers and small business to understand their pinpoints. This curated marketplace was born with a mission to work as one team and help businesses recover fast.

What makes VYSMO unique is the trust and care. That’s why at VYSMO we believe in putting customers first, we believe in appreciating that every individual has a role to play on this planet and we appreciate and respect freelancers who are artists !

We’ve curated this marketplace thoughtfully to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our algorithms work with an intent to put our best as freelancers and grow with efforts and customer satisfaction.

This is the time for us as 1 team putting our hands together to revive our planet and get back to normal or define the new normal helping our customers grow. We care about community engagement, we care about building back the fallen down empires together.